The Guest Who Wouldn’t Leave

This is the remaining portion of the "BIG SANDWICH" we had on Saturday for Scott Morris' going away party at Dustin's. Scott has joined the Peace Corps and is headed for Romania.
We ordered four 3 ft sub sandwiches from Super Target. We expected 48-50 people and each sandwich was supposed to serve 9-12 people. We had 4 huge halves left over. There was no way possible we were going to eat all of them. I tried to give them away but couldn't get any takers. So, I took one of the huge halves to work this morning to let the slobs drool over and I can hear them munching on it even I as type this.

I'm afraid this Final Portion is destined for somewhere far better than PMIC…yes folks, the trash can.

guest1.JPG                            A Post Script:  I came into work today and the brown bag, rubber bands and wrappings from the sandwich were on my desk.  They thought I wanted them back. CRACKERHEADS! 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Meagan says:

    NO! Send it to Louisiana. Looks pretty tasty with a cup of soup.

  2. Kit says:


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