Taste of Omaha

I made this tasty guacamole before we headed downtown to Omaha’s “Taste of Omaha” celebration last night.

I viewed Omaha from different areas of the grassy- like knolls that I have never seen before and I was actually kind of proud of the ‘ol River City.





There was a band “Taxi Driver”, four skinny energetic 20 something year olds and they were actually pretty good. They belted out a wide range of songs for everyone in the crowd. I only got a picture of two of them, the other pic was blurry..they were too energetic.

Then there were the “Maynard Triplets.” Ed of course started out the evening by getting their name wrong, “The Mayberry Twins.” So needless to say we couldn’t get their name right all night.

They are three sisters, “triplets” if you will, Omaha born and raised that appeared on “American Idol.” Simon Cowell booted them after the first round of tryouts stating they were “overweight Jessica Simpsons.” Simon was dead on! They were awful and from our vantage point across the beautiful Heartland of America Pond, they were fat and they were bad. Ernie threw up,and all Chris could do was cry.




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  1. Meagan says:

    Your guac looks good.

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