A Salute to Veterans

When the prospects of cooking for large groups leaves you wondering what to serve, let the Armed Forces recipe cards help. These terrific, surefire recipes provide culinary inspiration along with instructions for cooking to make portions for 100 people or more. Whether your job is to feed small or large groups, or just need a new idea, the Armed Forces Recipe Service and Index of Recipes provide 1,700 convenient recipes. From appetizers to desserts, all recipes include guidelines for cooking and the nutritional value of food. Plus the recipes can easily be decreased or increased to suit your serving needs.



And now we hear from Emily:

Throw Me a Frickin’ Bone!!

I decided to celebrate Veteran’s Day early with a juicy T-Bone, Caesar
salad, and Hy-Vee beef noodles. Why do they think I’m disabled? I had no
problem whipping this bad boy up and snarfing him down!


And finally,




Yes, folks I still have every single piece of my Action Lite Brite along with the original light bulb!


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