Hey! Hey! It’s Tuna Day!

What’s that I hear..a Robin? No, it’s me eating this true harbinger of spring.  Since I didn’t get to eat this on Friday because we went to the Holy Name Fish Fry, I’ll eat it today!

Cold Pasty Tuna Salad

There’s really no specific amounts for this recipe. Just mix all the ingredients below and chill. You WILL eat the whole bowl yourself,…..WELL, I DO!

tuna, drained

onion, I used red onion today

small can sweet peas, drained

any kind of macaroni you have on hand, boiled and drained…I used the rings that I found a couple of posts back while cleaning out my pantry.

cubed cheddar cheese..the more the merrier!

Miracle Whip to tie it all together



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