Piece of Cake!

Red velvet cake that is!


Coach, Doctor, Congressman, King, Interim Athletic Director, Interim Head Coach Osborne announces Bo Pelini as the new Nebraska Head Football Coach!

Birthdate: December 13, 1967
Hometown: Youngstown, Ohio
High School: Cardinal Mooney, 1986
College: Ohio State, 1990



8 Comments Add yours

  1. Mike says:

    People here dont like the Huskers very much.

    They dont like the Chiefs either.

  2. iamevolved says:

    How do they like you?

  3. iamevolved says:


    Any idea why my avatar is not showing up? Man, the internets is complicated!

  4. Gina says:

    Thank you for correcting Bo’s real name…..Carl is his brother…

  5. Monica says:

    im on the couch right now totally sick with a cold and i want that cupcake!!!

  6. Kit says:

    Monica:I have a cold too and all I want to do is eat cheese..wait I do that anyways.

    Gina: Yes, Ed gave me BOGUS information that I had to go and correct myself. And you just like him cuz his name is Mark.

    Jeff: I don’t know why your avatar isn’t showing up. I can see it on my screen but it doesn’t show up on the blog. What a funny guy.

    To All: A Good Nite
    P.S. I have some items to post but my cold has me in the stinkhouse..I’ll be back later.
    P.S.S. Don’t forget to check Flickr and see Barney Cotton in his Burke years.

  7. Mike says:

    Some day Mark will be Ak-Sar-Ben King …

  8. Gina says:

    Hello……I wish Mark was as rich as Bo….and the Husker Head Coach…..and 40……….ha ha

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