Bean Cuisine

Navy, Black, Red, Pinto, Baby Limas, Large Limas, Garbanzo, Great Northern, Kidney Beans, Black-Eyed, Yellow Split, Green Split Peas, and Lentils.


Crock Pot Line Up: From Left to right: Velveeta Cheese Dip, Sausages in BBQ sauce and 13 Bean Soup.

We bought a package of 13 bean soup mix at the Stringtown Grocery in Kalona, Iowa after Christmas.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. iamevolved says:

    Which game are we watching and when do we start????? Go Packers!!!!

  2. Kit says:

    No doubt about it..GREEN BAY! I’m all ready

  3. Mike says:

    As I said below … I didnt get my chip dip fixins and the game is about to start … the Pack, that is.

    Remember when we lived in Wisconsin?

  4. Kit says:

    I remember it was never cold there. Not like it is here in nEBRASKA.

  5. Monica says:

    yea well i want green bay and we have had 2 days of snow in ga and you should see these hillbillies down here!! got milk? what about beer and beans!!

  6. Monica says:

    ps i smelled ya from out here!

  7. Chris says:

    I do believe I recognize that ham bone.

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