Lemons in the Dead o’ Winter

I felt like Old Lady Walton longing for something bright and cheery to chase away the final remnants of the winter scurvy. Ahh…enter LEMON BARS.

I love, love, love Lemon Bars but often have a difficult time making them. I have high ideals that a Lemon Bar needs to live up to. I need the crust to be buttery and delicate and the height of the crust should never be half of the bar. The lemon filling should be bright and sunny not milky or creamy and should make my tongue pucker with delight. Finally, the powdered sugar should be sprinkled evenly and not so thick as if sucking down a whole giant Pixy Stix while lying on the bed to see if you can black out. ( I never did this, but I saw it once.)

My cabin fever is coming to an end.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Diane says:

    I too longed for the taste of a sunny lemon bar,
    however I was not so lucky to have any such as those.

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