Blonde Bombshells

These are absolutely the most delightful goodies I have had oh… in about a week. (See Lemon Bars)

Meagan and I were commiserating over how much we would enjoy a good, chocolaty something or other. I’ve often skipped by a Blondie recipe not very interested because I thought it wasn’t chocolaty enough but today was different and I’m glad I stopped. I do believe it’s true..blondes have more fun.


P.S. I’m sorry but I broke one of my own rules and you can see my thumb in the picture!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Diane says:

    Could I be so lucky to have some of those, as I am still
    homebound. [I can get out, just can’t drive yet!]

  2. Terry says:

    I could drive wherever I want…………and I want to drive over and get one of those. Blondes with gray highlights don’t have so much fun anymore, but we still like brownies!

  3. monica says:

    If i lived in Omaha right now, I’d go to Kit’s, break her thumbs, and git you a brownie! When I get to Omaha I will say “get”

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