It’s A Girl!

No, Emily didn’t have her baby. I got my new camera and am still too scared to take it out of the box. Hope to resume blogging soon as my appetite is starting to come back.


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  1. Diane says:


  2. Jeff says:

    No word from the hotel or eatery? Shoot, that is too bad.

  3. Kit says:

    No. I made my final rounds of calls and spoke to both the Head Housekeeper at the hotel, and the Night Manager at the restaurant and both apologized profusely for any thieving staff members that they may or may not employ.

  4. Mike says:

    And they left unsaid how THEY had actually taken the camera.

    Nice Canon, but wont it be hard, as big as it is, to sneak up on all the food for candid shots?

  5. Kit says:

    Well I saw the silverware on the table and I didn’t take it, or I saw that nice flat screen in the room and it’s still there isn’t it?
    And that hefty Zoom will thwart any attempts of the food trying to sneak away.
    Maybe they saw me take those 3 packets of peanut butter from the Breakfast Buffet and they are trying to get back at me.

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