The Perfect Hard Steamed not Boiled Egg

I have been to many sites trying to find the perfect hard cooked egg.  I needed one that didn’t leave the egg rubbery, chewy, smelly and with that nasty green yolk.  This is the perfect way to hard cook eggs and I will use it every time.

Ancient Chinese Secret:

Bring small amount of water to a boil, reduce heat and insert steamer basket.

Place a minimum of 4 eggs in basket.  The eggs don’t need to be room temp or amazingly fresh from the hen.  I find that eggs at least a week old, peel easier.

Cover pan and set timer for 12 minutes.

When done, submerge eggs for at least 5 minutes in an ice water bath.

Crack, chomp, apply beet relish and repeat!

I did not color my Easter Eggs today in honor of Earth Day.


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