Just as Beet Relish is an Easter Tradition, Apple Bars are a Fall Tradition.  Every Fall, Mom would make 2 HUGE pans of a time..several batches were made throughout the season.  I’m not sure where or who this recipe came from…if you know please leave me a comment.  I know it’s the only apple recipe I give cred to.  I don’t consider anyone’s apple crisp an equal match.

These bars carry a few simple ingredients.  Don’t try adding raisins, cinnamon, nuts or anything else to the recipe.  To do so would be UN-Traditional.  The crunchy oats, the brown sugar and just that mere hint of salt mingling with the apples give these bars their irresistible appeal.

It didn’t matter if it was a Tongue dinner, Prairie Dog Stew or Spicy Eggs and Ham ( three recipes you will NEVER see in KITSCH KITCHEN),  you would hurry up and finish supper so that you would not miss dessert.  Nowadays, I eat them anytime I this morning for breakfast!

The recipe has been posted before here in KITSCH KITCHEN..Go Here!


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