1 cake mix any flavor
ice cream softened
your favorite mix ins

Very easy to assemble, just make your favorite cake mix in a 13×9 pan. Cut the cake in half and then in half again. Take one of the fourths and split in half with a serrated knife. Lay one piece in a loaf pan lined with plastic wrap. Spread one pint of softened ice cream over cake and then top with other half of cake. Fold over edges of wrap securely and place a weight on top of pan. I used a bacon press…mmm bacon. Freeze for several hours. To serve: remove cake from pan with the plastic wrap. Unwrap and either drizzle with hot fudge sauce or you may top with whipped cream or frosting. There is enough cake to make 8 of these loaf sized treats or you can adjust the ice cream amounts and make one large cake. Wrap and freeze unused cake portions. The possibilities are endless as to the ingredients you can add in the middle of the cake. Try crushed cookies, or candies, or frosting in between ice cream layers.  Great use for all those Girl Scout Cookies I just had to have.

I frosted this cake with whipped cream.  IT IS DELICIOUS!!


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