When I saw that Oscar Mayer had come out with “FAST FRANKS”, I thought “What the H?”

I thought what a waste of money and that reminded me of juice boxes.

But, while at Meagan’s place in the OP I was hungry after the show. We went and saw WORLD TRADE CENTER. I thought the movie was dopey, but that’s another blog and web site.

I had purchased a package of FAST FRANKS earlier in the day. They come in a package of 3 which seemed good because Meagan said if I bought a whole package of dogs she would not eat any. Not wanting a full package of hot dogs and buns to go to waste (waist), I threw a package of these in the cart knowing I would need a Hot Dog fix sometime during my visit.

Well, like I said I was hungry after the show and so fixed one up when we got home.

MAGNIFICO!! Microwaves for 30 seconds and it was great. The bun was soft and fresh. I highly recommend these.

They were a little pricey (2 pkgs of 3 dogs in each package for $5.00 at the WalMart here in Omaha) but I think they were fully worth the price. Great item to take to work for desk time snacking. Not ideal for Junior to take in his lunch box unless it’s outfitted with a microwave.


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